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About Us

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Who We Are

ILLUME Media Inc. is a first-of-its-kind, nationally acclaimed, award-winning digital news outlet that promotes cross cultural understanding and connects America's eight million Muslims with the rest of the world.

ILLUME uses the latest technology, from mobile platforms to social media, to deliver news and information about American Muslims ranging from politics and pop culture to lifestyle and issues of assimilation.

In addition, ILLUME's staff consists of experienced and award-winning journalists and media professionals who have honed their expertise at local and international outlets, such as CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, Associated Press, Thompson Reuters, and AOL.

Using various media, our team of reporters and editors uncover important and timely issues through enterprise reporting, investigative journalism and critical analysis, while upholding the highest level of journalism ethics and standards.

ILLUME is at the forefront of American Muslim media and journalism by distributing media on the web, mobile, online broadcast and tablet platforms.

What We Do

Create original, daily news content.

Incorporate investigative journalism, expert analysis and in-depth coverage of critical issues.

Tell stories mainstream media does not have the ability to.

Share the American Muslim perspective on everyday life.

Access experts who can comment on the news, life and culture of American Muslims.

Advance citizen journalism to expand the breadth of coverage.

Provide opportunities for journalists, writers and other media professionals by offering a place to get their works published.

Organize events on various topics of importance to the Muslim-American community.

Hold a prestigious awards ceremony honoring voices of those who are contributing to the American Muslim experience.

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