[PHOTOS] A Helping Hand: Turkish Eid Donations to Gaza Refugee Camps

Organizers from Yardimeli (Helping Hand), based in Istanbul, went to a number of Gaza Refugee Camps in Jordan in order to distribute donations made by Turkish citizens.

They also met with various orphanages & centers to determine needs in order to plan possible future projects.

Yardimeli currently do work in over 30 countries, one of which includes constructing a major orphanage complex in Khartoum.

I was able to witness a portion of the intensive work they do over the first two days of Eid Al Adha - a tiring and rewarding experience and a first-hand testament to the ever-increasing social and political popularity of Turkey in the Arab world.


From the days of Prophet Abraham to modern day Amman, the tradition of Eid Al Adha lives on; to remind of sacrifice, gratitude and faith.

Photos: Hulya Tugcu

After praying the Eid prayer, the team arrive early at one of the many Gaza Refugee Camps in Amman.

Photos: Hulya Tugcu

The Yardimeli or ‘Helping Hand’ banner at one of the slaughter sites.

Photos: Hulya Tugcu

A Yardimeli representative based locally answers questions about the needs and dynamics of the camp.

Photos: Hulya Tugcu

Children learning their traditions at an early age.

Photos: Hulya Tugcu

Local farmers present their stock.

Photos: Hulya Tugcu

Distribution at the Jerash camp (one of the most overcrowded, decent infrastructure-lacking and poorest camps in Jordan).

Photos: Hulya Tugcu

Residents of the Gaza Refugee Camp in Jerash await their donation eagerly; their desperation a major indication of the inavailability of meat on other days of the year.

Photos: Hulya Tugcu