[INFOGRAPHIC] Controversial Artist Eats Pages from Muslim Holy Book

"Eating a Koran."

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.

Abel Azcona swallows pages of the Qur'an. It's part of a "research project" he started about religious fundamentalism and the need to "feed ourselves with fiction, lies and fear".

This part consists of an installation, performance, and a video where Abel spends SIX HOURS eating the Koran, his way of critiquing religious radicalism.

Not surprisingly, he has recieved threats via email and text.

'I believe in art as a tool for critique and for setting up debate about identity policy," the Navarran artist adds. He received criticism since he engaged in the world of performance, "but this will never change my way of thinking and working. And what's more, threats clear my path, and thus I know that I am on the right one." That is why he will continue using art as a "weapon of criticism for anybody wishing to feel and listen to it."

Abel uses art to fight against fear and fundamentalism, as his childhood has a history of mistreatment and abandoment. He plans on visiting Malaga and Bogota spending two months giving workshops, performances and talks.