Declaration of Statehood: Is This Really the Best Move for the Palestinian People?

For the past 60 years, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been the main political issue of a very volatile Middle East.  On Friday, Sept. 24, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbass will go before the United Nations and ask the world to officially recognize his country.  There in lies the problem, especially for the Palestinian People.

ILLUME media speaks with long-time activist Loubna Qutami, a Palestinian Christian with the Palestinian Youth Movement. Our discussion takes up important issues and provides shocking revelations on topics that many people may not have thought to even consider regarding Palestinian statehood. Qutami believes the declaration of statehood actually leads to a negation of Palestinian rights for the majority of Palestinians, especially Palestinian refugees and Palestinians who currently live inside Israel. Furthermore, she says statehood will do little to end Israel's violation of United Nations resolution and international law, or stop Israel's illegal settlement expansion.

Qutami's main concern is the Palestinian people themselves do not know what promises and concession President Abbass is willing to make in secret, and that statehood still does not give the Palestinians full autonomy over issues such as their economy, borders, airspace, water and other natural resources.  Finally, what does the declaration of statehood mean for Israel and the greater Arab wold? 

If you really want to understand what's at stake, you want to watch this video and participate in the online discussion that follows.

                                                                Anser Hassan

Anser has worked both on-air and behind the scenes at several news stations across the country, including ABC, CBS, and CNN.