From Software Engineer to Social Entrepreneur

There aren’t a lot of positive headlines coming out of Pakistan these days.

Between the bombings, drone attacks, and tensions with the U.S., it can be difficult to remember there’s much more to this country than its fight against terrorism – that there are inspired, optimistic, and determined people on the ground working hard to build better lives for the nation’s most vulnerable. 

Saba Gul is one of those people.   

After earning, not one, but two degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and landing a comfortable job as a software engineer in Minneapolis, the 28-year-old Pakistani native took an unusual step. She quit her job, and moved back home.

What led her to make that leap was the decision to commit full-time to an effort she launched while still at M.I.T. – a program, called "Bags for Bliss," [] designed to keep in school Pakistani girls who would otherwise drop out because of financial constraints. 

"I felt so lucky to be at one of the best schools in the U.S. without much effort, other than studying hard and doing well," said Saba. "And girls back home go through so much just to get a very, very basic education."