Halal Foods Hits the Road

Saffron Road, American Halal Co.’s packaged food brand, is setting out on a tour to along the West Coast of the U.S. to create awareness of its product and cause.

Lisa Mabe of Hewar Social Communications says, “the Saffron Road team wanted to reach Muslim consumers in a direct and relevant way to create awareness about their new Halal products and new retail availability in stores such as Costco.”

The tour is intended to take stops in the cities of Denver, Boulder, Phoenix, San Diego and San Francisco.

Saffron Road CEO, Adnan Durrani says, “I started this company out of the recognition that there are too few Halal options in the American marketplace, and we are certainly doing our part to make it easier for Muslim shoppers to find food products that meet their needs.”  

What makes Saffron Road stand apart from other Halal product services, besides its certification, is the fact that the brand “goes the extra mile to appeal to consumers looking for options that are Gluten Free, All Natural, and Certified Humane,” shares Mabe. 

Mustafa Davis, a Film Director and Photographer from Fremont, California shares his appreciation for Saffron Road’s ethical consumerism, "I saw first-hand the amount of care and concern Saffron Road has not only for the animals, local farmers, and the environment, but also for maintaining the highest Islamic principles of Halal. I'm positive that Saffron Road is setting the ethical standard of Halal for the American Muslim community."  

Saffron Road markets a wide array of Halal Certified products, including everything from chicken nuggets and gourmet frozen dinners to sauces, broths, and appetizers. Its products are all Halal certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), it’s chicken entrée are Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care, and all of its livestock are fed 100% vegetarian feed and are never offered Hormones or Antibiotics.

Check out some of the products below.