[PHOTOS] Jerash 'Ex-Gaza' Refugee Camp

The Jerash camp is located just short of an hour's drive north of Amman in Jordan.

Referred to as Gaza Camp, Jerash is to home to Palestinian refugees who fled the Gaza Strip after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

Unlike other Palestinians in Jordan, the "ex-Gaza" refugees at Jerash were not given Jordanian citizenship, and do not have rights to own property or work in the country.


Without solicitation, boys in the Jerash Palestinian refugee camp gather together and raise their hands to show peace signs.


Middle East reporter Nadim Audi snaps a shot at the Jerash Refugee Camp in Jordan as a Palestinian woman passes behind him.


Arabic letters and images painted on a wall at the UNWRA-run girls school at Jerash Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan.


Two boys trekking home after school in the Jerash Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan.


"Welcome," reads the artwork scrawled on the wall outside of an UNRWA girls school at the Jerash Palestinian Refugee Camp in Jordan.


The dirt path winds around the outskirts of Jordan's Gaza refugee camp in Jerash.


A Palestinian boy runs out of his home on the edge of the Jerash Gaza refugee camp in Jordan.


Jack is a Medill journalism professor at Northwestern University, and the founder of the Refugee Lives program that's bringing students from the United States to report on Iraqi and Palestinian refugees in Jordan this year.


We climbed onto a hill on the outskirts of Jerash Palestinian Refugee Camp to get a better view.


A boy wearing an FC Barcelona jersey in the Jerash Palestinian refugee camp.


The Jerash camp for ex-Gaza refugees in Jordan has an open channel sewage system, which can pose hygiene and health issues for the community.


A door to one home in the Jerash Camp for Gaza Refugees north of Amman, Jordan.


Ladies clothing on offer at a retail stall in Jerash Palestinian Refugee Camp, Jordan


A resident of the Jerash "ex-Gaza" refugee camp in Jordan goes for a stroll.


One of the many alleyways between houses in the Jerash Palestinian Refugee Camp in Jordan.


An eight-year-old girl in Jerash Palestinian refugee camp (north of Amman, Jordan) was posing for a picture when the six-year-old girl behind her jumped into the shot.


A boy looks on in Jarash Camp in Jordan, which is for refugees from the Gaza Strip.


A group of girls huddle together for a photo at the women's centre in Jordan's Jerash Camp for refugees from Gaza.


Northwestern University Professor Jack Doppelt and GIZ coordinator Rania Sabbah look around the only "Internet Cafe" at Jerash Palestinian Refugee Camp, which is located inside the women's center.


"Take my picture, take my picture!" every child would run after me yelling as I walked around the Jerash Gaza refugee camp north of Amman, Jordan today.


A group of kids exit the women's centre in Jerash Palestinian Refugee Camp, Jordan.


A Palestinian boy poses for a photo after school in Jarash refugee camp about an hour north of Amman in Jordan.


Kids walk on the main thoroughfare of the Jarash Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan as school gets out around midday.