Kids of the Ummah App Celebrates Muslim Cultures Worldwide

Australian graphic designer and award-winning digital artist Peter Gould has just released his newest creative project, Kids of the Ummah, a book and app series intended to celebrate Muslim cultures worldwide.

Kids of the Ummah encourages exploration, understanding of English and Arabic alphabets, and Muslim names - through coloring, puzzles and engaging activities. 

A father of two young girls, Gould's search for quality educational content left him disappointed. He struggled to find beautifully designed, multicultural, fun books & apps that were not specifically about religious practice.

“There are great apps available for kids but I certainly felt there was nothing specifically for Muslim kids that was fun, engaging and educational,” says Gould.

Gould chose to publish the mobile app because most parents today use iPhone and iPads, he noticed, and their kids inevitably end up using them.

Gould first became involved with design in high school, experimenting with ideas and software, long before Photoshop became a common verb.

After his conversion to Islam ten years ago, he traveled to cities like Fes, Damascus, Granada, and Mecca, where his “heart and design sensibility fell in love.”

Much of his inspiration came through his travels, through which he fused the visual styles and creative elements of the cities’ calligraphy, tiling, ceramics and geometries into his design work back in Sydney.

Gould has also worked with branding, graphic design, photography, digital artwork, and creative events for international audiences, including Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens.

Download Kids of the Ummah from Apple's Appstore.