Malaysia's 'Young Imam' Reality TV Show Goes Global

The latest hit reality show is calling for young men to audition, but unlike this season’s Jersey Shore, the only ‘’Situation’’ you’ll find here is a religious one.

Malaysia’s popular “Young Imam” show is going global in its search for new contestants to compete for the grand prize- a job as a cleric at a Kuala Lumpur mosque.

‘’The participants will be able to bring a lot of interesting influences to the program as they will come from different countries,’’ said Zainir Aminullah, an official at the Malaysian television station producing the the show.

Aspirants must go head-to-head in challenges ranging from reciting verses from the Quran to ‘’washing corpses’’ and ‘’counseling promiscuous young couples’’
Reuters reports.

Last season’s champ Muhammad Asraf not only landed the job, but scored a new car and an iPhone as well as a scholarship to a Saudi Arabian university.

The second season of “Young Imam” begins airing in April.

                                Carma Hassan

Carma is a Peabody award-winning broadcast journalist in the Bay Area.