Muslim 9/11 Reflections: Islam In America 10 Years Later

Photo: Shameel Arafin

"A Bright Future For American Muslims" by Imam Mohamed Magid

I believe in an America that will overcome these difficult times in the next 10 years and help create a better future for people of all faiths (or people of no faith), be they Christian, Jewish or Muslim.

"9/11 A Decade Later: The Ironic Impact of Islamophobia" by Sherman Jackson

Ironically, all of this has begun a slow but steady and long overdue process of shifting the Muslim understanding of America and thus of themselves as Muslim-Americans. 

"Islam Was Not Hijacked on 9/11" by Dalia Mogahed

From the very first instant, Muslim American first responders tapped into their spiritual tradition for the courage to risk death so that others may live. Others sought comfort in its values as they grieved for their lost loved ones. 

"The Complexity Of Muslim Identity, 10 Years After 9/11" by Asma Uddin

Muslim Americans feel a sense of urgency to take control of their narrative. My personal attempt at translating this urgency into action is reflected through my work to explore the inherent complexity of gender-and-Islam.

"Victims Or Villains: Moving Beyond Post-9/11 Narratives" by Rami Nashashibi

My hope is that our efforts are successful in forging a new narrative of American Muslims as transformative, committed and, yes, complicated agents of change, hope and stability.

"The Quranic Solution to the 9/11 Abomination" by Irshad Manji

Sept. 11 was a twisted way to introduce Islam to most of America. On reflection, though, it might have taken nothing less than a cataclysm for Americans to think about my religion at all. 

"Muslims in America at the 10th Anniversary of 9/11" by Parvez Ahmed

The incessant headlines about violence in the name of Islam have led nearly one in two Americans to erroneously conclude that the faith of Islam is more likely than other religions to encourage violence. 

"5 Myths About American Muslims 10 Years After 9/11" by Engy Abdelkader

While 9/11 thrust the American Muslim community into the center of public attention nearly a decade ago, misinformation regarding this group persists against an alarming back-drop of rising Islamophobia.

"Muslims Rising Above the Ashes of Misunderstanding" by Kari Ansari

To make this climb, we know our focus must stay on our youth. There are thousands of young, dynamic American Muslims already creating change in our nation's high schools, colleges and workplaces. 

"A Muslim American Declaration" by Wajahat Ali, signed by Hussein Rashid, Reza Aslan, Zeba Iqbal and many other Muslim leaders.

Regardless of whether we were born in this nation or have recently adopted it as our home, we are committed to working with our fellow Americans to create a more perfect union.

"Prophet Joseph and 9/11" by Imam Abdullah Antepli

As we reflect on 9/11, can we feel the intense pride and gratitude that Joseph felt when he faced his aggressors? Can we tell these evil forces: You wanted to divide us but we are more united than ever. 

"One Muslim's 9/11" by Melody Moezzi

On this mournful anniversary, I pray to one day spend an uneventful year in New York -- without the disaster, without the stench, without the hate.