[PHOTOS] One Pakistani’s Epic Solo Motorcycle Journey from San Francisco to Lahore

Moin Khan, a 24-year-old recent San Francisco State grad is attempting an epic, 25,000-mile motorcycle journey from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Calif. to Lahore, Pakistan. The trip will be documented on his website, adifferentagenda.com.

Khan, who is originally from Pakistan, will spend the next four to five months on the road, spanning two continents on his Honda CBR 600 F4i sport bike.

The 25,000-mile trek will take him along the Pacific Coast of the US, through parts of Canada, with a long stretch across the Midwest ending in New York City.

Khan will continue his journey in Europe riding through Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

The final leg of the journey will take him through Turkey and Iran, before riding through the heart of Pakistan into his hometown of Lahore.

“This is an adventure for me, but also gives me the opportunity to tell people that Pakistan is not all bad and has some great people, culture and attractions. This interaction will hopefully break some stereotypes.”

Keep up with Khan and his adventurous journey through his Facebook fan page and track his live GPS position. 

This photo essay highlights some of the preparation that went into getting the bike ready and the launch of the journey from the Golden Gate Bridge.