Radio Station Hopes to Reach Muslims With Latest Technology

One Legacy Radio, a radio station created by young Muslim-American professionals, utilizes the latest technology in a bid to be more accessible to Muslims, distinguishing itself from many other stations. According to the website, the founders, including Nour Mattar, his wife Yasmin Bhuj, his brother Sami, and activist Mohammad Harake, "seek to enrich the daily lives of American Muslims through Islamic knowledge from a new and relevant perspective, and to propagate the vocal talents and expertise of artists and orators to the masses" and they also hope to "strike a balance between religious sensibilities and a more edgy, youth-driven conversation".  One Legacy Radio already broadcasts eight recurring shows, including shows on family and parenting, converts, fitness, and even a show to tackle taboo topics titled "Boiling Point". A Muslim version of Loveline is also in the works. Although Mattar would like to reach the Muslim American community first and foremost, he does hope to eventually have non-Muslims as part of the audience.

Mattar originally conceived the idea of a Muslim radio station like One Legacy Radio a while ago but waited to launch his idea until the technology matched what he had in mind. Unlike traditional radio stations, One Legacy Radio is not tied to the AM/FM frequencies. Users can listen online and also from their smartphone. The station can be accessed using apps for the Blackberry, Android, and iPhone that enable listeners to stream the station live directly from their phone. With the growing prevalence of smartphones added to the release of the latest iPhone, the number of potential listeners is continuously growing. In addition to being able to listen live while connected to the internet or through one's smartphone, listeners can also download podcasts of past shows via iTunes.

One Legacy Radio launched in November 2009 but is not actually the first radio station catered towards Muslims, which some articles bill it as. The Bay Area in California was home to one of the first stations, MeccaOne, which had a weekly show on the FM dial for a few years after its launch over 7 years ago.

                                Bushra Burney

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