Tea Party Scarier Than Muslims Say Obama Supporters in Survey

Is the Tea Party a bigger terror threat to the United States than Muslim terrorists? And are Americans more concerned with the economy than they are with terrorist attacks? A recent study, published by Rasmussen Reports suggests exactly that.

The Tea Party might pose a bigger terror threat to America than extremist Muslims, say 26% of Americans who support President Barack Obama.

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But 51% of Americans still believe that radical Muslims are the largest terror threat to the nation, according to the Rasmussen Report.

Interestingly, 20% of government workers see the Tea Party as the country's largest terror threat.

But as for overall threat, 57% of those surveyed see economic challenges as the biggest threat to America.

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The telephone survey was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC, from June 22 to June 23, 2013. It consisted of 1,000 Likely Voters.

Here's a quick breakdown of the survey results:

All Likely Voters

  • 51% of Likely US Voters say radical Muslims are the bigger terror threat to the US.
  • 13% believe the Tea Party is the larger threat.
  • 13% think political and religious extremists are the largest threat.
  • 6% consider local militia groups as the primary threat.
  • 2% say Occupy Wall Street is the largest terrorist threat to the U.S.

Those Likely Voters Who Support President Obama

  • 29% consider Muslims as the biggest terror threat.
  • 26% say the Tea Party is the biggest threat.

Those Likely Voters Who Disapprove of President Obama

  • 75% consider Muslims as the largest terror threat to the U.S.
  • 1% say the Tea Party is a bigger threat.