The End of Poverty

The End of Poverty an excellent documentary, with the same name as the book by Jeffrey Sachs (but with no connection to it).

The End of Poverty is a fascinating look at the geo-politics of the world which has led to many of the alarming statistics we often hear about that divide the rich north and the poor south.

Philippe Diaz has made a film that captures your attention and mind with interesting facts and anecdotes narrated by scholars and other luminaries like John Perkins and Chalmers Johnson.

With these facts, Diaz weaves the heart-wrenching stories of people from Africa to South America who are paying the price for globalism and capitalism.

The film is produced by Cinema Libre Studio and is a must see for anyone young or old, on the left or the right who wants an in-depth perspective of how and why the gap between the haves and have-nots is ever widening