Vitamin Company Donates Meals to the Hungry

In the spirit of Ramadan, NoorVitamins has launched the “Ummah Project 2012,” pledging to donate one meal to the hungry in Bangladesh and Pakistan through the Muslims without Borders organization for every purchase made on their website this month.

“Ramadan is not only a month of worship for Muslims but also a month of compassion. At Noor we don’t see giving back as an obligation; instead it’s a privilege to be given an opportunity to help," says the president of NoorVitamins, Dr. Mohamed Issa.

NoorVitamins states that apart from taking vitamins to maintain general health, it is important to take such vitamins during Ramadan because food and drink intake (especially fruits, vegetables, and liquids) is limited for Muslims.

However, the challenge arises when most store brand vitamins contain non-halal ingredients such as gelatin. NoorVitamins offers the halal-certified and scientifically formulated alternative for health conscious Muslims. 

NoorVitamins specializes in developing high quality halal vitamins and dietary supplements for the health-conscious Muslim consumer. The brand is also distributing thousands of bottles of Halal vitamins to more than 50 mosques across the US as a part of their nation-wide tour promoting a Halal and healthy lifestyle.

NoorVitamins is a division of Noor Pharmaceuticals that launched in May of 2011.  The latter was founded by Muslims in the medical field who noticed a need and demand for halal vitamin and supplements.