[INFOGRAPHIC] Skateistan: The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan

For the 4th annual International Go Skateboarding Day, Skateistan took to the streets with hundreds of students on a sunny day.

Skateistan began as a Kabul-based Afghan NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) and is now an International non-profit charity providing skateboarding and educational programming in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Pakistan. Skateistan believes that skateboarding can be used as a tool for youth empowerment. It is the world's first co-ed skateboarding school in Afghanistan. The school hopes to provide its students with new opportunities in cross-cultural interaction, education, and personal empowerment programs. 

It welcomes students from Afghanistan's diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, with 40% of students being female, hundreds of streetworking children, and most notably youth with disabilities. This helps them not only develop skills in skateboarding, but also leadership, civic responsibility, multimedia and creative arts. The students themselves decide what they want to learn; the school connects them with a safe space and opportunities for them to develop the skills that they consider important.