Why Romney is the Better Choice for Muslims

As American Muslims, we often find ourselves challenged with whom to support in elections. We look for candidates who are sympathetic towards the persecution and oppression of Muslims here at home and around the world. We look for candidates who understand and can associate with our strong sense of family, morals, and who we believe will fight against the persecution of Muslims. We look for candidates who are experienced professionals.

There is no clearer choice in this regard than Governor Mitt Romney. I have personally spoken and interacted with Governor Romney on issues important to Muslims for the past several years and he has always provided a fair and honest approach. He is a very successful business man. And most importantly, he is not a career politician or political organizer.

Governor Romney understands what it is like to be a persecuted religious minority in America. As a Mormon, Romney has faced significant discrimination. He has been called a cult member, told he is an agent of Satan and that his God is not the real God. Mormons are also the only religious group in the history of the United States who were ordered to be exterminated by a sitting Governor.

We can readily associate with this. Governor Romney has been very clear on issues facing Muslims. He has stated that we must as a nation befriend peaceful Muslims around the world to fight against the tyrannical regimes taking a stronghold and demeaning the message of Islam. Romney has also placed Muslims and Arabs in significantly important and influential leadership positions within his campaign.

Governor Romney is a friend of Muslims.

As Muslims who are raising children or will soon raise children in America, we find ourselves with great challenges due to the increasing immorality in this nation. We find ourselves in an age where promiscuity is encouraged, where birth control is promoted and available to school children as young as ten-years-old, and where non-traditional relationships are encouraged and glamorized.

Governor Romney, will stand and fight against these which pull the family apart and prevent us from raising our children as we choose. Governor Romney will promote an agenda to let parents decide how children should be raised and what they should be taught, not the government. As Muslims, we must have a president who understands, practices and encourages our strong morals and family values.

On immigration, Governor Romney is the choice. As the child of immigrants from Mexico, Governor Romney understands the value in promoting legal immigration and opportunity. His Mexican immigrant father, who only had a high school education, became very successful and worked his way up to CEO of AMC/JEEP from the bottom. We become stronger as a nation by opening our doors to the best, brightest and hardest working people from other countries who wish to come to America for a better life. An effective immigration policy will make America stronger and more competitive by making our country the smartest, hardest working country in the world.

Most importantly, on the economy, Governor Romney is the only choice. He has been a successful businessman who built his company to be one of the most successful businesses in America. He has faced struggles as a small business owner and understands how to create jobs and build an economy. We need a president who understands the work ethic that has made our country strong.

We must make a choice. The choice this year is to vote for Mitt Romney for President.

We need a president who will pay close attention to the Muslim world and provide careful planning to bring peace to Muslim countries, promote strong family values, encourage legal immigration and grow our economy.

We must follow the message of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and work to build a nation which promotes fairness, inclusion, and opportunity for all. Mitt Romney did this as Governor, in the business world and in the Olympics. We must unite and support a candidate who supports us as a people and understands the struggles of immigrants, religious minorities and will work to promote opportunity for us and our future generations.

Daniel Zubairi is a small business owner in Washington DC and has served as an elected delegate to the Republican National Convention, Co-Chair of the McCain Campaign, a candidate for US Congress, and an adviser to the Governor of Maryland. He has advised numerous campaigns.

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