Divorce Around The World: 3 Things You Didn't Know

Couples are divorcing.

It's commonly believed that half of American marriages end in divorce. And there are numerous reasons for divorce, too. Some of those reasons are simple (incompatibility) while others are egregious (abuse).

But divorce isn't just an American phenomenon. Nor is it a phenomenon linked to any particular race or culture. In fact, divorce rates stay pretty consistent across many countries, as do the reasons for divorce. Here are a few interesting global facts about divorce:

Many Brits divorce while kids are still young. In the United Kingdom, for example, the Center for Social Justice revealed that 48 percent of UK children would see their parents divorce before reaching the age of 16 (as reported in the UK Daily Mail).

Italy boasts an unusually high number of "mama's boys." According to The Guardian, meddling mothers-in-law take a huge part of the blame for divorce in Italy. The Guardian actually points to a study that substantiates this theory!

Divorce rates in Asia are rising fast. Divorce rates nearly doubled in Thailand from 1990 to 2004. And in India, a country which historically held the bond of marriage to be unbreakable even by death, the divorce rate is at 11 people per 1,000, according to TIME Magazine.

So in closing, what's to blame for the rise in divorce numbers? Certainly, a shift in sentiment and perception towards divorce has a role to play here. Where once divorce was seen as the worst thing possible, people are becoming more comfortable with the idea of divorce. Muslim Americans, for one, are divorcing at a rate of 31.14 percent according to 1990's study (courtesy of SoundVision.com).

Perhaps it's changing attitudes towards divorce, or perhaps it's a shift in overall attitudes altogether-- people are becoming multi-dimensional and more complex over time, as social media tools continue to change the way we interact.

Nevertheless, as socialization patterns evolve, marriage patterns will only evolve as much.