Spring 2013 Trends: 3 Looks Get New Life

Fashion is a funny thing. Twice a year, the world holds its breath as it anticipates a parade of new genius during spring and fall.

Each collection brings a new twist on something or other, but mostly we find that season after season, styles get repeated. There is only so much "new" a designer can bring, as there is only so much wearable innovation that can be created.

The Fall/Winter 2013 collections recently touted in the major fashion capitals around the world are said by some to have been a disappointing repeat of previous years' ideas. How does this affect you and I, the people in the real world of everyday fashion? Style-repetition - old looks coming back as new - is actually a great thing. It allows us to reinvent certain pieces we hold dear in our closets (as well as to part with others that have little potential) vs. rushing out and buying every "new" piece that gets our hearts racing in stores.

Making this delineation can be tricky - nobody wants to look dated, trying desperately to pull off an old look as "new." On the contrary, how many of us have rushed home with a new purchase, only to find something almost identical sitting in the back of our closets?

With these ideas in mind, look for the following trends making a come back for the Spring/Summer 2013 season:

Trend #1: Lace - Always classic and still sweet. If you have any lace that you feel "uncool" wearing, now is the time to sport it with newfound pride.  In stores you will see an array of laces in new colors, used on shoes, purses, woven into jewelry...but you can bet yours will still work as-is. Just make sure the pairing is fresh - treat as less formal and work in with some low-end pieces. The effect is more laid-back and less prim-and-proper than the lace of yesteryear. 

Trend #2: Anything Red - 2012 may have been the year of the red pant, but now the standout color is being reintroduced as an all-over hue. Dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, accessories...red, in any way, shape or form should no longer be sitting idle in your closet.  As the color that will put a spring in your step, red is globally renown for bringing luck, good fortune, and overall confidence. So pick it up, brush it off, and wear strategically. And don't stop at just one piece! A long line of red can be visually stunning, not to mention slimming.  Just be sure to keep accessories and hair/makeup to a neutral minimum.

Trend #3: Black and White - Sure, the trend today has more graphic elements, but what used to be considered too harsh in the past few years is now mainstream chic. Work those b&w stripes, checks, florals, block prints...everything goes. The combo is great alone or as a base for a splash of color.

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                                                                Saba Ali

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